Wire, Air & String is a 5 song EP of instrumental acoustic material composed and recorded by the members of Drop Black Sky over the course of two weekends.   Utilizing a diverse roster of world, classical, and folk acoustic instruments, Wire, Air & String is a unique collection of musical ideas.   Thank you to Michael Joly from Oktavamod for his generous lending of high quality microphones.

The EP is free and you're welcome to download and pass it on to whoever you feel might appreciate it.  All files are high resolution 320kbs mp3's encoded directly from the 24 bit masters.

As an independent band, Drop Black Sky and projects like Wire, Air & String are labors of love.   If you appreciate our art and wish to support the development of our upcoming album and other future projects, please feel free to donate to the band below at an amount of your choosing.   
Thank you, and we hope you enjoy the Wire, Air & String EP.


Download Wire, Air & String EP